a a Blossom is a Maternity Clinic established by Noileen Grech, a Qualified and Registered Midwife who has also successfully completed training in Massage Therapies, specialising in Maternity Care.

At Blossom, we strive to encourage maternal wellness through specialised relaxation treatments, whilst also empowering expectant parents through our informative educational sessions in a safe and understanding environment.
a a Pregnancy massage can be of great benefit to the female body whilst it is changing to accommodate the growing baby. Pregnancy Massage can reduce back pain, sciatic pain, carpel tunnel symptoms, migraines and oedema.

Our Wellness Treatments strive to promote better sleep and aid in relaxation and stress reduction throughout pregnancy and the postpartum period.
a a Knowledge is power. Our Antenatal educational sessions aim to empower and equip the couple with all the necessary tools they might need to face pregnancy, birth, postpartum and infant care.

Our sessions ensure individualised attention and are offered either online or in person.
“Pregnancy does to a Mother what Spring does to the Cherry Blossom Tree”

Our Services

Wellness Services

Antenatal & Postnatal Treatments
$ 50

A selection of Massages that aim to pamper and relax the female body throughout Pregnancy and Postpartum.

Lymphatic Drainage Treatments
$ 65

Specialised Massages that focus on reducing swelling and stiffness associated with pregnancy.

Non-Pregnancy Treatments for Women
$ 40

A selection of massages that strive to relax and reduce stress in the female body when not pregnant.

Educational Services

Individual Antenatal Sessions
$ 70

Highly informative and interactive sessions to prepare you for pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Educative notes will be given to the soon to be parents after each session. Offered on a one to one basis to individual couples, either online or in person.

Antenatal Sessions Packages
$ 50

A variation of antenatal sessions that have been grouped to create a selection of packages at discounted rates. Couples may select a package that best suits their personal needs.

$ 55

Weaning & Grandparent Refresher Courses offered to parents or secondary care givers, aiming to get you through the new milestones of infant life.

Personalised Discussion Sessions
$ 55

Providing personalised information and reassurance to parents about any topic of their choice.

Wellness Therapy
Educational Sessions

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Midwife & Massage Therapist

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